Introducing DUCAT Tokenomics

Token Distribution & Economics

DUCAT utilizes Yield Farming technique to distribute 10% of DUCAT over the course of 2 year to DUCAT and DOT farmers, as well as to DUCAT Liquidity Providers.
3 Million DUCAT will be farmed by DUCAT holders.
6 Million DUCAT will be farmed by DUCAT/ETH Liquidity Providers.
1 Million DUCAT for developers team

Token Utility

Ducat is a utility governance token that has multiple use cases outlined below:

Yield-Centric Token:

Ducat will be at the core of yield generating processes of Ducat. All iterations of vaults, farms and lending markets from Ducat will have Ducat as a core token of a product. All vaults will have their rules set to buy Ducat using generated profits prior to distribution.

Governance Voting Rights:

Ducat contracts will be governed by Ducat Token. Ducat holders can negotiate and make relevant proposals to the benefit of the Ducat protocol. The voting proposals they submit must include clear voting options and plan. Then each community member is given a period of time to vote, and the result with a majority decision will be implemented. Holders of Ducat will have governance rights over important parts of Ducat protocols (such as financing terms of lending markets, yield farming distribution, vault strategies and everything else) through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and proposals.

Staking / Fees Redistribution Holders

Holders can participate in Ducat Staking. All Ducat vaults will have withdrawal fees on generated profits (0.3–1%). This portion of fees from Ducat generated yield strategies will be redistributed to Ducat Stakers.

Token Distribution Schedule

Vesting schedule exists for seed backers and team. Seed backers tokens are vested under linear unlock for 1 year. Team tokens are under linear vesting for 2 years. Whitelist community sale tokens, airdrops and ecosystem growth tokens will not be vested.

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Bringing the best of Decentralized Finance to the network, as well as connecting DUCAT to DeFi on other chains.

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Bringing the best of Decentralized Finance to the network, as well as connecting DUCAT to DeFi on other chains.

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